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Cherlock & Safe offers security solutions to commercial and residential customers in the Prince Albert and surrounding area.

We have staff with over 20 years experience as well as a certified journeyman locksmith.

Our Locksmiths install and service anything we sell, plus service and repair existing hardware. Included in our services are re-keying, master keying, opening and repair of commercial and residential locks, setting up high security systems, comb changing, repair, safety deposit box servicing, sale and servicing of card/ keyless entry systems and more!

Cherlock & Safe specializes in:

  • Sales & Services
  • Mobile Services
  • High Security Products
  • Complete Locksmith Service

Hours of operation: Monday to Thursday 9-5 – Closed on stat holidays.

Our locksmiths will do the job right for you – we guarantee it.

“Putting a lock on your future”


The FRAME-RENEW is a pre-formed, heavy-gauge aluminum cover that goes over the damaged area as shown and covers the latch-side of the frame from top to bottom. It is held in place by alignment screws plug four 3-inch (7.6cm) Security Crews that go through the wall framing for real strength and security.

This makes your old frame many, many times stronger than before.

The FRAME-RENEW now makes your old frame on the vulnerable, latch-side chip-proof, crack-proof, tamper and virtually kick-in proof.

The FRAME-RENEW is factory milled in 8-foot lengths for the striker plate and security screw holes so they fit flush to the Frame-Renew for even better looks and protection for you and your family.

The FRAME-RENEW comes complete with striker plate, four security screws, three alignment screws and instructions for easy installation.


Door frame repair kit